Pillar 3a and staggered Withdrawal

In regards to an optimal staggered withdrawal upon retirement, you are supposed to spread your pillar 3a contributions over multiple portfolios to allow for more control over the impact the taxation will have. VIAC, for example, offers max. five virtual portfolios to do that.

After what initial deposit to these five portfolios should I consider moving on to another provider and start filling up new portfolios there? If there are no annual fees other than a fairly identical TER, I don’t see why I should stick with “only” five portfolios and not have my pillar 3a essentially spread over an infinite amount of portfolios from different providers? Or am I overthinking this?

If you withdraw multiple 3a in the same year, they add the ammount for the taxes.

Check with your canton, because some of them will limit the number of different withdrawal from different portfolio, as this could be qualify as tax avoidance.

In Vaud, the maximum is 2.

In any case, 5 is the maximum for fiscal optimisation, because you can start to withdraw only 5 years before the retirement. If you withdraw two portfolios the same year, as @REandSTOCK said the amounts will be added.

I heard that even in Vaud, you can have 5 without problem. Of course you’d better avoid to withdraw one on the 20th december and the next on the 3rd january.

I was aware that the total amount withdrawn would be added together, but did not know of the limit, thank you!

You could potentially withdraw more than 5 if you use one for other reasons like property, own company etc.

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Okay, so some cantons seem to have a more limited ruling, but generally I should not be legally bound to withdraw my pillar 3a from max. 5 accounts, right? I could have 10 accounts and withdraw annually into my pensioned years, theoretically?

(10 portfolios, taking into account you can start the withdrawal 5 years ahead and five years into the pension)

You can’t withdraw 5 years into pension if you stopped working. Only up to the pension age. So there is no point in having more than 5 accounts.

Allianz says:

Normally, pillar 3a retirement savings may be paid out no earlier than five years before and no later than five years after the normal retirement age.


…if you keep working till 70.

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okay, that clarifies it!