PickPost: any experience

As the title says: has anyone experience with Pickpost? Is it really free? I’d like to test it with Amazon, but I am not sure how/if it works.

It works, been using it for years. It’s free.
It’s a variation on a Postfach or Poste restante.

Some shops don’t accept it though. They insist on a personal address.

Never tried it with Amazon, though. Should work because Amazon does not go through customs.

I’ve been using it for years with satisfaction.

If I’m not at home, the goods are delivered in a PickPost box of my choice (I’m notified by email in advance and can modify the usual delivery point). Opening hours are extended vs the post office, making it easier to retrieve.

As mentioned by yetanothername, it isn’t accepted by all merchants. In rare situation, I’ll still have to queue at the post office.

What do you mean? Do you first send it at home and then change where to get it? I have bought something from Zalando (had a gift card) and once I got an email from the post, there is no way to redirect the package to a Pickpost.

I’d love to know what does that really mean. I wonder if they first read the address and then complain. They can’t really understand, since it’s something like
First- Lastname
Pickpost 1234
Address 2
1234 City.

Do they read it manually or search for that word?

It’s easy to automatically match addresses to street addresses, scan for „PickPost“ or the corresponding number (few people in Switzerland have a 4+ digit street address number) and throw up an error or „flag“ the address for manual review.

Keep in mind that PickPost addresses can’t be delivered to from non-postal parcel operators.

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Sometimes there are clauses like “no shipping to PO boxes”.

I just remember that once the sender screwed up because they did not put all the lines from PickPost on the delivery note. The package returned.

Other than that I’ve never experienced any problems.

I had an issue once because the package was delivered by UPS. I had to reschedule the delivery. Pick post only works for packages delivered by the Swiss Post. Sometimes the shop doesn’t specify which company they use.

Never received any package there but I absolutely L.O.V.E. to send the stuff I sell on ricardo from there. Depending whether a package is large and light or small and heavy you save money if you print and pay the barcode at hom or on site. At home you specify the weight while the size is secondary e.g. (CHF 5.50 for up to 2kgs) and on the MyPost machine you pay CHF 5.50 for a box of the size S or M, no matter what the weight.
IIRC these are reduced prices and the discount may go away in the future.

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