PF 800chf credit for transfers

Postfinance is paying up to 800chf for transfers to new etrading accouints.

Anyone tired that from IB ?

Switch to e-trading now, and we’ll cover the transfer fees up to 800 francs

It’s really just to cover the transfer fees, so as far as I can tell there’s no reason to move to PF now unless you were already planning to do so.

Yes, sorry. Bad wording on my side.

They’ll cover transfer fees (that you paid).

It’s not so much the costs of transferring out discouraging me from leaving IBKR.
t’s rather the lack of custody fees, the range of available markets and their inexpensive commissions that make me actively want to stay with IBKR. And maybe, not to forget, their customisable reporting functionality.

PS: but sounds like a good opportunity for people who wish to switch anyways.


I’m near a point where I want to have some of my assets elsewhere and I was thinking to go to PF or SQ.
VWRL seems to be the best “bet” to complement to IBKR’s VT.

So, I either move stuff to SQ/PF or just buy them. If I buy them on PF, it will take years to stay under the 90chf “free” trades. On the other hand, SQ has higher custody fee but it will cost less than 10chf to buy any quantity of VWRL.


The 9 CHF fee is only the SQ fee, everything else comes on top of that (data fee, stamp duty, exchange fees). I recently bought VWRL for around 22k CHF with SQ and the fees were 48 CHF in total. I would still prefer SQ over PF though because PF is 100% owned by the government which is a total no-go for me.

Tradedirect, powered by BCV, has similar offers from time to time. Like now.

Good to build a portfolio in one go and let it run, as their normal fees are awful.

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Some of you might even remember that 6-7 years ago, before switching to Swissquote platform, Postfinance E-trading was using BCV trading platform.
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Stamp duty of 0.15% becomes the main part of expenses.

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Your forget these expenses:

  • CHF 0.85 commission fees from SQ
  • CHF 2.- commission fees from SIX
  • 0.15% from the federal stamp duty

So you need to applicate this formula in order to know how much you will spent for real with SQ: X * 0.15% + 9 + 0.85 + 2 = trading fees; where X is your amount invested.

For exemple, if you invest CHF 2’000.-, it will cost you: 2000 * 0.15% + 9 + 0.85 + 2 = CHF 14.85 trading fees :slight_smile:

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While Postfinance (courtesy

Courtagen SIX:
CHF 0 - 1000: CHF 15 pro Trade
CHF 1001 - 5000: CHF 25 pro Trade
CHF 5001 - 10’000: CHF 35 pro Trade
CHF 10’001 - 15’000: CHF 50 pro Trade
CHF 15’001 - 20’000: CHF 70 pro Trade

Why move and not just start a second account?

The trading platform of PF is run by SQ. I think it even has the same user interface. Between these two, there’s really just the fees that differ.

You said it. Fees.

If you want to buy 200kchf of an ETF, it will cost you more on PF than SQ or IBKR.
To just hold, PF should be OK.

For 200k if you use Yanikuza’s formula you end up with a one off cost of 311 Fr
If the ETF moves 0.2% in a day you have a 400 Fr delta
Also if you get 2% dividends a year that’s 4k before tax
That 311 Fr doesn’t seem to much, you’re better off in the market than investing to stay under the 90 Fr credits they offer you per year


Sure. But you can also pay 0 if you buy one of free ETFs from Degiro, for example.

Well, you actually should also include half of the spread in costs, but I think it will be still cheaper with a “zero-cost” broker.

And I just checked: for VWRL at SIX in CHF, Degiro has exactly the same spread as SIX orderbook as shown by Swissquote.

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