Permit B, Questions from Amt for Migration in Zug

Dear Mustachians,

longterm lurker here… This year I’m finally moving from Germany to Switzerland, specifically Zug. After sending all the documents in for a permit B, the Amt for Migration now replied with a few questions, among others:

What are my reasons for moving to Zug?
Is my rental contract a sublease?
Are there other people living in the same flat?

Of course I will answer these questions truthfully. Yet I’m wondering if there are any delicate topics where I should consider carefully how to phrase them. Does somebody here has experience with the Amt for Migration and maybe can offer some insight?

Many thanks & regards

If you’re immediately applying for a B permit, I assume you‘re an EU citizen that enjoys freedom of movement and is entitled to receive a residence permit.

Therefore nothing to worry about or carefully to be phrased, as long as you are legitimately moving to Switzerland to live and work (…or study, do research, join your spouse/domestic partner etc.).

Haven’t heard these question from a migration authority, but given it’s Zug, they’re probably (and understandably) just cracking down on abusive rental practices and/or registrations of people that won‘t actually live there (fake residencey for tax purposes).


Yes I’m an EU citizen, and am moving to live and work in Switzerland. Thanks for the inputs, I was figuring aswell that it could be connected to fake residencies

Just to follow up: I answered the mail (reasons are living + working) and it was all ok