Performance of Finpension, Viac

I am a little uncomfortable with the fact that Finpension, Viac etc. do not indicate the amount of CSIF shares I own. This makes it difficult for me to compare performance with publicly available information on CSIF funds. Not that I have any indications for it, but these guys are still private fintechs and, in theory, able to program some tracking error to CSIF funds - to the detriment of us customers.

Owning VT or VTI with a private broker, you always know the exact amount of VT/VTI shares you own, and you can compare their exact past performance with various public ETF databases (e.g.,

Any thoughts on this?

Is it not indicated in the yearly reports? At least I’m pretty sure VIAC does indicate the shares there.

On the website maybe they don’t show the shares but this is only to keep it easy for most people.


What do you mean?

Check out the page 7 of your quarterly report with Viac.
You should have this:

You will find them on the Viac app under Reporting / Documents for each portfolio.


In the finpension app:

click on transactions and email yourself the CSV file. It’s a 1 minute work to get to creating the current position list.

or you can go to documents > Reports > Performance Reports and get a pdf file with Position list. It is annual report though.


It’s true that finpension doesn’t show them in mobile browser view, which is probably the same as in app. But it shows them in desktop browser view.

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Thanks guys, I’ve mostly been using the mobile app, and I indeed missed the more detailed reports available.

Just some sunday morning paranoia of mine then, thanks a lot for clarifying :blush:!