Pension Reform - what's new

This topic is to discuss some of the changes in pension rules and how this might impact FIRE or financial planning, including how we can benefit from the changes.


  • Alignment of the reference age for women to 65 years
  • Flexibility in the choice of retirement date and partial withdrawal
  • Incentives to work beyond the reference age

The last one might be interesting for those of us who moved to CH and so have gaps in contribution.

The provision to allow limited partial withdrawals might offer flexibility and tax advantages.

Potential future changes in next referendum

  • Reduction of the minimum conversion rate to 6%.
  • Compensation for the transitional generation: A supplement payment for the first 15 transitional cohorts
  • Flexible coordination deduction:
  • Adjustment of retirement credits to better align the difference in contributions across various age groups.

More here on deferral and early retirement changes:


A video here with some useful additional info. Including that working after 65, the salary needs to be >=40% fo the annual income for the pension calculation to be counted.

I’d be interested if I can pay AHV on wealth basis beyond the reference age to plug AHV gaps without having to work.

Anyone know where the full text of the legislation is available (preferably in English)?

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Found information here (click on forms and they have links): Benefits of AHV | Forms | Leaflets & forms | Information Center OASI/DI