Pension Fund on Vested Benefits Account

Unfortunately I’m unemployed since a while due to a corporate restructuring… so I had to take my pension from a corporate pension fund and put it to a vested benefit account (I was told to do so by hr).
It s at CS now and they charge 9 chf per quarter. Which sucks.

What are my options to transfer my pension to?

Also, do I need to declare this account as Vermögen?


Have you used search here?

Finpension or VIAC are the usual suspects, where you have control.

I heard that is a valid for 3rd pillar, but not for 2nd


I had mine to VIAC, it was perfect. The other option is ValuePension :wink:


Is Finpension and Valuepension the same same?

It’s the same company behind them, they just have different name for their product.

No, 2nd Pillar doesn’t show up in the taxes.

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