Payroll company connects for contracting work?

Hi fellow Mustachians
since i recently had a very interesting job opportunity as a contractor with a payroll company, I got more interested into working in this manner. primarily due to the higher fraction of my hourly rate that ends up with me (compared to big consultancy companies)

For the areas of Software / Data / Architecture / Cloud / AI / ML / Agile, do you know any relevant payroll companies or similar for me to connect to?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi nugget,
I could suggest RM Group on Zurich area. Not too high fees on their side (around 650 CHF per month) and pretty decent on communication

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It depends what’s your aim. Do you want a payroll company only to set up the contract or to actively look for new projects?

This makes me think that you aim for the latter case.

Note that in the former case it does not matter in which area you work, any payroll company will be happy to work with you. However, your end client must accept to enter in a contractual relationship with your provider. Also in this case, you should consider if freelancing would not be a better option.

I will happily suggest a couple of payroll companies in PM, but will avoid free publicity.


Hi @nugget ,

I’ve been in the same situation, i. e. considering working freelancing under the umbrella of a payroll company. This has not materialized yet, but I can contribute three more names:

RM group has already been mentioned.
JAM International - sometimes mentioned in similar forums - seems to have closed shop (listed as “in liquidation”).



Thanks all for the replies so far

yes, i am not yet in a position to generate my own clients & projects. I already learned that this is the idea for the actual payroll companies. so currently, i am looking for a setting where the company

I dont have a client network yet :slight_smile:

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re. Freelance option, I had recently the same question and my tax advisor recommended to have at least three separate customers for each tax year before pursuing that avenue, second best option is payroll/umbrella company (as per OP) and third best may be an LLC but it comes with certain overhead.


I’m not an expert on all the contracting world peculiarities, but as I understand this would fall under “payroll” topic were companies would forward you CV once, get you fixed term contract and would do your payroll…
From what I’ve heard if they find you a role ie “one time CV forward” then they charge 25-20%, but if you come to them with secured role rate is about 5%.
I guess this is the same as @Mil mentioned where fixed price can be negotiated.

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P.S.: I’m just entering into such an agreement (though I already have a client), so if anyone need more info just PM me and I can share how it’s going

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