Paying taxes in crypto

Who have ever payed taxes in crypto? I could not find a conditions for that: what is the available stable coins, what is the exchange rate applied, and other terms.

To my knowledge ZG is the only canton enabling it, together with a few communities here and there (e.g., Zematt (VS) and Chiasso (TI)).

The process is actually quite simple: you request to pay in one of the supported cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH in ZG), they send you a link to a payment form offered by Bitcoin Suisse AG, which will convert your crypto and send the fiat equivalent to the tax office.

In my opinion it is just a publicity stunt as the tax office will never get anywhere close from the coins.

Note also that it comes with fees levied by Bitcoin Suisse AG (1% according to ZG).


I remember reading that for Zermatt, no one had paid in bitcoins at least the first couple of years,

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Yeah, you are right, I can pay in some municipalities but not federal or cantonal tax (except for zg maybe). Terrible because swiss banks don’t really like fiat deposits from CEX to them, at least the bank I personally use.

another thing which amazes me is that 1%. Beside of all the taxes that I pay, I must pay this 1%. The same as for exchanging usd to chf in some swiss platforms (I just switched to foreign alternative due to that). This creates a huge friction for the economy and I wonder why people don’t protest against such artificial frictions instead of irrelevant matters they protest against.

Are you complaining about the fee of the platform or about the government (or rather, the rest of us) not paying the fees you’re causing?


I’m complaining that all the swiss brokers and banks have much higher hidden costs than foreign services. For example, to exchange currency on swissquote I would have to pay 1%. In UBS, I would pay ~2.5% (if I compare with the fair price on forex). Here, when paying with crypto this 1% again. It pushes me towards using foreign platforms which I would like to avoid but obviously cannot due to economical reasons.

Continuing this topic, some banks allow me to move my funds in stable coins to their platform and exchange there in CHF paying a significant commission. But if I don’t want to pay this commission and exchange in some CEX, they don’t want to accept my deposits in CHF. Doesn’t sound right to me.