Paying tax differences when the tax submission deadline has been extended?

Hello Everyone,

I have received the following letter containing a QR invoice for paying the difference between calculated taxes and installments I have paid in 2023:

However, I’ve have extended deadline for submitting taxes for the year 2023. So at the moment I am unsure about how much additional I have to pay (in worst case, I belive it won’t be more than 5-10k).

Does anyone know if the deadline mentioned in this letter, March 31, 2024, is still applicable for those who have extended their tax filing deadline?

As this is first time I have received such letter, I just want to make sure I understand all aspects / implications.

Thank you in advance!

It’s just if to avoid paying interests on the amount due.


I don’t know if it’s the same in all Cantons, but my understanding is that this is a bill and the payment is due. High interests start running from April 1.

The extension of the submission deadline doesn’t change anything to this payment deadline. If after completing your return you realize that the taxable income is higher, then you can ask for a new bill so you can pay the difference, but the interests on the difference will still run from April 1 even if the bill comes, say, in May or June.

You can also estimate the taxable income before the end of March and ask for a new bill if the difference is anticipated to be significant. If you paid too much, you will be reimbursed, but at least you will have avoided the high interests.

In Vaud, the interests are not high in this case, as you only needs to pay the intérêts compensatoires (0.325%) until the final bill. Then you have 30 days to pay before you have to pay 4.75% (intérêts moratoires)

I could not find completely related topic, so using this one.

I have a question about interest rates for early payment and late payment of tax bills. Some info at link below. Does anyone know what exactly is considered “early” and “late”?

For example for FY 2024, payments for Cantonal taxes made during 2024 are considered early? or there is a specific deadline ?
Same question for what is late.

I am pretty sure it varies by canton. If noone on the forum can answer check your canton’s website or make contact with them. I only know Geneva

Yeah likely depends on canton. E.g. for Zurich the cutoff is October of the current year.

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So by Oct 2024, all owed tax of 2024 should be paid ?

In ZH to avoid any kind of interest, yes. But it’s also possible to e.g. pay 1/3 end of June, 1/3 end of September and 1/3 end of December¹. Interests for the June and December payments cancel each other out as the interest rate is the same for early and late payments (1% p.a. in 2024), as long as you don’t pay later than 30 days after receiving the final tax bill.

Keep in mind that it’s the final tax amount that matters, not the provisional tax bill.

¹ Combined with a federal tax payment in March, you essentially have one tax payment per quarter (+ corrections).

Thanks for detailed answer. All clear
So cantonal taxes are due already in the current year and federal needs to be paid by March of following year.

I didn’t realise the cantonal aspect. Good that I asked :slight_smile:

This is important point. That late payments interest of 4.5% is not related to current year payments . Otherwise the cancellation won’t work