Paying rent and food for 2. Is there a "girlfriend deductable"?

Title pretty much says it. I’m the solo earner because my girlfriend is still studying. That means I’m paying expenses for two, but I get taxed as a single dude, which is pretty hefty given that my salary is effectively shared with her.

Now, is there any way I can deduct that from the income in the tax declaration? It’s hard to believe, that I can’t do that. But it does not seem to fall into any of the available categories. She’s not a “nursing case”, it’s not a loan, it’s not a child that I’m taking care off…

I’m afraid that the proper way would be to get married. But seems kinda silly to declare eternal love, just so the bloody state will treat us as a couple…

I don’t think such a deduction exists. There is “Unterstützungsabzug”, however, that’s only to support people that are unable to work due to a physical or mental illness. If this is her first education, her parents could apply a deduction if they supported her.

Depending on the financial circumstances of her parents, she might also be able to get a stipend such that you don’t have to pay (as much) for her expenses.

Marriage would lead to a tax reduction but only as long as she is still studying.

I.e., you’re currently essentially gifting that money to her and you can’t deduct such voluntary gifts. If you don’t want to or can’t pay this from your post-tax money, she should do the same as if she was single: either get her parents to contribute or request a stipend (or even welfare as last resort).


The alternative to that is a registered partnership (aka “Konkubinatsvertrag”) then you would pay taxes like a married couple afaik.

I once heard of a case that a guy managed to deduct stuff from his girlfriend using a Konkubinatsvertrag.

“Konkubinatsvertrag” does not result in a registered partnership and doesn’t have any effect on taxes. In most cantons a registered partnership (which indeed would be equivalent to marriage tax-wise) is only available for homosexual couples.


Thanks @jay
That’s exactly my understanding as well.

You are right regarding her parents etc. Unfortunately her personal situation is rather difficult. Her parents are not even in Switzerland and they don’t really speak to each other much. That’s why she’s mostly on her own.

Well it could be worse I guess. At least she’s also not paying any taxes :slight_smile:

You don’t have to. The eternality of marriage is only ceremonial, if anything.

It’s a contract that can relatively easily be terminated - albeit termination isn’t free. Unlike some other countries, a court decree is mandatory in Switzerland, which will cost hundreds in even the simplest of cases.

Also, you should beware of splits of pension benefits in cases of divorce. The benefits will be split between the two of you even if you’ve otherwise agreed to a prenuptial agreement to keep finances separate. With your girlfriend being a non-earner, this will likely bite you, if she were to find that you aren’t a magic unicorn and divorce you.

You should carefully weigh the savings against the financial risks you’d be taking before marrying her.

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