Paying invoices with eBill

As so far I paid all my invoices manually, I started to think about switching to eBill. Reading their page and FAQ it looks really nice and considering that it is being used by 1.8 mio users, it is probably already used by most of you :). So, I’m ready to pull the trigger, but before I just want to ask you for any advice you may have.

It is super easy

If you have your finances under control, there is nothing which should stop you.
And MUUUUCH easier to change afterwards than a LSV.

I changed my bank and thought it was a standard. The new one does not have it and it is super annoying.


Couldn’t imagine life without eBills anymore. So easy and fast!


Ok Guys, thanks, you have convinced me already :D.

I was really sold when I’ve seen how easy it was to change banks when both parties support eBill.


Yeah you just use the same eBill contract and you get all your eBills from the old bank. It’s super convenient.


I don’t allow LSVs so its perfect for me. It even automatically schedules payment on the last day possible.
Only thing I miss is support from Digitec/Galaxus for it.


Another question - I read that the document are guaranteed to be kept for 180 days. Do you download and store them for tax/etc. purposes? With paper documents it was “easy”, I just kept them for years, which I hated BTW :).

Yes, I proceed like that. Much quicker than paper and less space wasted.

So far, of my regular payments only the internet provider did not join yet (which really pisses me off and from time to time I consider switching for this reason only…:rofl:)

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This is really good news as I’m considering a bank change. I receive everything possible as eBills.

Another question - do you enable the option allowing invoice issuers to find you automatically using your email or you rather prefer to add the manually?

What about CC? Anyone pays them with eBill? Is it possible? I wouldn’t want direct debit. I don’t trust them :confused:

I have eBill for my credit card too.

Yep, I changed the paper invoices to eBill. Much more convenient.

Just changed to ebill for Swisscards (cashback cards), pitty that Cembra (cumulus Mastercard) does not plan to provide eBill

Same here, never used LSV due to the lack of control. Love e-bills so I can manually “approve” them:)

I was always afraid of eBill but after read your comments I just switched to it and sent the request to the vendors. was pretty easy the account creation and requests throught PostFinance, will see if I get the invoices going forward throught it

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It’s basically like an “email” adress for bills, inside your ebanking.

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