Pay mortgage or invest

We have a house in France with a mortgage in CHF with a french bank. Interest is less than 1%. But there is an exchange rate that the bank use to convert our payments to euro at 1.16. Which is obviously a lot worse for us than the current 0.97. Question is should we pay off a chunk of the mortgage capital or better to invest the money in equities/bonds or something else like the 2nd pillar. 3 pillar allowance is used for the year.
Thanks in advance for any inputs or advice.


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Are you sure about that? That’s pure theft, that’s somewhere around 13% over the current rate of 1.03.

Sounds like you have a EUR mortgage with currency hedging to CHF (rather than a CHF mortgage), is that possibly the case?

Mortgage ageed in 2018. Yes i assume it is hedged.

Not pure theft if it is in the signed contract. Maybe ask the bank if you can pay in euro and do the conversion yourself?

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Any advice will depend on the details of the mortgage.

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