Paternity leave... changing position three weeks before due date

So, I’m about to be a father in July! Also I’m about to take up a new job in July… whoops. Also this new job is temporary for 6 months and will only be part time at 60% (no other jobs at the same time).

With my current salary (full time employment), I’d get about the max that is paid during paternity leave which is set at 8000 CHF brutto salary and comes out to 196.- per day. If I would’ve stayed at my job, I’d have gotten the whole 2744.- (the max).

Now that I’m switching to my new position it would be 60% of that, since my 100% salary will basically stay the same. If the EO pays 80% of that salary, I’d get 1000.- less:

Fathers who work on a part-time basis are entitled to 10 days’ leave in accordance with their level of employment in percent (of a full-time 100% position), which equates to 14 daily allowances of 80% of the actual part-time income.

But then again it says:

As with maternity leave, the compensation awarded amounts to 80% of the average income earned prior to the birth of the child, but no more than 196 Swiss francs per day

In that case, my average prior to all these months, it would be the max of 2744. But at the current salary during the birth of the child it would be substantially less.

Has anyone faced a similar problem since paternity leave was introduced or does anyone have an idea where I’d find the right information?

EDIT: Changing cantons as well if that makes any difference.

The right information can probably gotten from the new employer. Have you considered asking?

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I have a meeting with them in a week but I’ll doubt they will know about it (tiny two people business where I’ll be just filling in for someone). But you never know. I just thought I’d ask here :slight_smile:

I’ll ask the SVA if the employer doesn’t know.