Parking contract termination - duration unclear

Not sure which category I should be posting this. I am looking for advice regarding the termination of a parking rental contract. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are now moving to a different area earlier than expected. In my initial email exchanges with the agency, they proposed me a rental parking contract with three months termination notice and a one year duration minimum. However in the contract itself that we signed, there is no mention of minimum duration.

Can I use this to terminate earlier than the one year or not?

edit. we’re about 5 months in the contrac, so 3 months termination is well before the full year

So many factors are unknown.
Why not checking it with your legal protection insurance?

you can always look for a Nachmieter who takes over your contract. So you “just” need to forward 3 candidates who are interested in your parking space at your current terms.
Otherwise you could just sublet your space

The 3 candidates is an urban legend (still alive, it seems) - one valid candidate is sufficient

Check with the ‘Mietverband’ if in doubt

This is the signed contract termination duration which applies in your case. If the parking contract is linked with a flat rental, the minimum termination is three months for the end of the usual local term. If it’s not linked with a flat rental, the minimum termination is two weeks for the end of the month.

Side question: I am renting a flat + underground parking (both in the same contract) and thinking to get rid of my car. Is it possible to cancel the lease of the parking without cancelling the flat?
I always assumed no, but what you wrote seems to say otherwise.

I did it. As long as you respect termination periods and dates (some have only 2-3 termination periods in a year), it should not be a problem. Best thing is to contact your landlord.

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It is not linked to a flat rental, separate contract and agency altogether.

The minimum duration is not included in the contract (only in email).

If the duration is not fixed in your signed contract, the legal duration is two weeks for the end of a month. It doesn’t matter what was written in your mail. What matters is what you signed.