Pants down: yearly spending!


Well given the topic and theme of this Forum that’s really impressive!

But then where are vacations / leisure expenses included - in Diverse? Otherwise I’d be curious on what leisure stuff do you do without spending (hiking, nature stuff) ?


Vacations are split into other categories : for instance, the transportation category include plane tickets we used to travel. Plus we do not have a car, so sometime we rent a car for an extended weekend (around 120 CHF).
As picked up before, we go rarely in restaurants but try to cook everything ourselves.
Leisures activities include hiking, reading (the book category are all the books we bought on Amazon because we could not find them on, and having friends coming at home (or the other way around).

Yup, I was still paying a costly mistake I did when I arrived in Switzerland by signing with an “advisor” for having a 5 years insurance contract - of course at the time I did not compare offers and this contract turned out to be among the most expensive ones. But I guess that was my tuition fee, so I learned to never ever trust anybody else that myself regarding my money.


Family of 4 plus a dog, excluding taxes: 68K chf projected for 2019. Down from 120K a couple of years back :smiley:


wow, that is impressive :no_mouth:


Quite impressive - where did you cut down from?


Thanks :slight_smile:

A lot of different things, mainly:

  • removed childcare (24K but it also reduces income capability)
  • vacations (from global to local for the coming few years)
  • from leshop to lidl
  • envelope system for small spending
  • removed disability and life insurance and wrote final wills instead
  • installed a new heating system that reduces costs
  • misc ”long tail” expenses cut down

Make a claim and you can cancel early by law.


that is somethin interesting…
by “making a claim”, you mean to ask for money for something that “happened” and then cancel right away? sorry, i dont exactly understand


The law (VVG) gives you and the insurer the right to cancel contract after a claim, that’s all I’m saying.

If you can find a reason to make a claim, even if for a small insignificant reason for which you wouldn’t bother otherwise, that’s your ticket out.

I’m not suggesting to make stuff up, but if you do familiarize yourself with the consequences of insurance fraud first and don’t make stupid detectable mistakes then


I live with my girlfriend and we share all costs which relate to both of us (apartment,car, billag etc.). For the rest we pay for each alone.

Thus, CHF 25k/year + 10k-15k for vacation = 35-40k per year for myself. Big expenses are our vacation trips, but thats the only thing for what we really spend “unnecessary” money.

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You are all very near the calculation ETHZ does for students.

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Believe it or not, the tax authority didn’t believe me that I spend so little despite of my salary. Kind of funny when you have to justify your frugal lifestyle :grin:

Effect of Mustachianism on society
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Effect of Mustachianism on society

Just so that I motivate myself to reduce expenses: 49.8k for me ex taxes and ex AHV (AVS here in Suisse Romande) in 2018. I’m living with GF and cat, but that’s just my share.

Biggest culprits: 4.3k spent on useless electronic shit (including an iPad Pro), 4.3k spent on traveling and 17.5k annual rent. Also some medical expenses.

I’ll report back regarding 2019. Hope the figure is at least 10k lower. I’m on track for now but traveling to North America this summer. I guess I’m still young… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow,most of you guys are spending significantly less than us :frowning:

In 2018, we spent 64K CHF, this is including taxes (57K without taxes). This is for 2 persons and includes our wedding. My projection is 60K for 2018, but I do not think we can go much lower.

I have published the details on my blog if this interests anyone.

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Well, don’t be hard on yourself. I’m quite impressed by your numbers. If you divide that by two it makes 32k/person. I’m at almost 50k. That cannot be justified even if I live in Lausanne city center.

Btw I’m Ed, recently started commenting on your blog as well.

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In 2018, I spent (single, no kids) CHF 40’756 including about 12k of taxes, which makes CHF 28k of spending for the whole year if you neglect income and wealth tax. I published a breakdown (in French) on my blog, should you wish to have more details.

I plan for sligthly lower expenses for 2019, let’s see if I can achieve this goal :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Ed welcome to the forum!

If you wish to get a constructive feedback on your budget, feel free to create a new topic under this section of the forum and publish your numbers. I am sure that people will find room for optimization :smiley:


Let me chip in here!
Single with no kids living in Zurich City in his healy 30’s.
48’000, thereof
10’000 AHV/ALV/IV/ Taxes
10’000 Housing (shared flat room…)
6’000 Health insurance (I effectively paid double as I paid my 2019 bill in 2018 for a 2% discount)
4’800 supermarket/food/restaurants
4’000 Hobbies of all sorts
3’000 Vacations
2’500 Mobility (SBB, flights, motorbike, bicycle)

2017 numbers
2016 numbers

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According to the government for 2016 you are almost poor (single = 2247*12 =26964)

Congratulations :slight_smile:


Hi Ed :slight_smile:

It’s good to be hard on myself for this! :wink:

You cannot really divide by two because several things to do not get multiplied by two when you live together. I still live in the same apartment with my wife than I was living in alone.

Our goal is to stay below 60K in 201, but we had some expenses I did not forecast, so I do not know if this will be possible.

Good luck to all to reduce your expenses!

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