PaidToExist Trailblazer program, is it worth it?

Hi Mustachians,
after finishing MP books, he send us to the documentary of The Minimalists (I’ll do another post in the Minimalism section). Then I started reading what The Minimalists wrote and somewhere they refer to It’s a couple that made a website to help people find their way to earn money by yourself for doing something you love and thus don’t feel like working ever again (maybe it’s presented a bit too much in a Bearcare way but I got the point). However, they offer quite some material to read but it all end up in a paid online training called Trailblazer (37.5$ per month after 1$ trial for 2 weeks). The purpose is to find your way to earn money with something you like even if you don’t really know what you like and what is your passion in life.

I’m not sure what to think about it, all I have read looks quite interesting and it’s full of successful examples of course (and of course no example of failure and lesson learn, too bad) but there is almost never something concrete that would show me the kind of content I’m expecting to get and how much involvement it would need.

So as nobody mention it here, I was wondering if some of you know the website and did try this “training” or coaching or whatever it is.

Sounds like classic Conartist red flags, baiting with success stories, no clear goal or action visible but signups for monthly membership fee… i mean you could give the two week trial a try and then evaluate if it’s worth any money. Or try to extract/download as much course materials as possible…


What you’ll get:

8 progressive video based milestones and their respective action workbooks
Action plans and coaching resources
Access to the Trailblazer Facebook Community and resources library
Unlimited kick-ass support
2 bonus courses
Lifetime upgrades

Maybe the trial for 1 $ is enough (check the content and download the videos).

Basic Review Check:

Reverse Image Check:

Ok…legit reviews :wink:
Let’s check another review:


Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Yes, the 1$ trial might allow me to get some content and decide, I was just wondering if by chance someone did try before, it’s not about the 1$, not even the 37.50$ per month for a few months, it’s more about if I’m losing my time or not.

I don’t know the people behind this company or product they offer, but for 1$ you can try and maybe it’s helpful for you;)

If you need to download the videos, on mac os x the best tool is Downie ( Downie - YouTube Video Downloader for macOS - Charlie Monroe Software )

I know how to scrap things out of websites, don’t worry (NewPipe, Youtube-dl, video helper addons,…). I check more in detail and they don’t deliver all the content at once, it’s by milestones and the first video is only introduction, then the second one arrive after two weeks and then one per month but you can ask to have them faster by email…
I’ll focus on Mr MP book, do the exercises first, continue my on-going reading, and when I’ll be at the point I need help on finding what I can use from my passion/knowledge, to do a business, I’ll maybe try again this training.

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