Otovo solar panel installation

Does somebody have experience with otovo installing solar panels on your property? Their pricing is much cheaper than my local energy provider.

I just went through their calculator and I don’t think they are cheap. I got a quote for one of my roofs from a solar collective that was cheaper - 3 years ago (and keep in mind, solar panels cost a fraction now).

Just for the reference: Today a +400WP module costs under 100 USD/EUR/CHF - even If I order as a private person. The same +/- per module for quality mounting materials + ofc inverter. Those are the biggest positions, beside labor.

otovo is quoting me 26k - (20 Modules). If I do the math, they take +20k / 80% for labor!?! That ain’t cheap!

I’d check with the local solar collectives…

My quote was ca. 36’000 for 48 modules with total 20.9 kWp.

Will do. My local energy provider already told me that the earliest they could install is somewhere in 2025 as they have too many oders and not enough personnel, that’s why I started to look for faster alternatives.

Their webpage: " Wir sind ein Marktplatz, der ein Netzwerk von lokalen, hochwertigen Solarinstallateuren organisiert".

Doesn’t sound like they’ll install anything. Yet another middlemen.
But hey, at least they’ve got a “proprietäre Technologie, um das Potenzial jedes Hauses zu analysieren”.


Yes that’s true. They just organize everything.

“In the end, everyone cooks with water”, I know :sweat_smile:

Because the faster the better I guess? Of course parts and labor has to be the same quality.

In my opinion, it makes sense to take a coordinator which does not only look at the solar, but integrates it in a whole system (which most installateurs are not able to do).

Example : First look at the savings potential, maybe integrate a heat pump for hot water production, combine it with a solar thermal panel, electrical vehicle etc. All this needs to be managed as well. A solar installateur is not able to do this.

However, if it is just a one family house, these services might seem expensive…

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