Other options for purchasing a house other than mortgage?

I saw a house, which i really would like to buy. I went to a couple of banks and they told me my equity is to low to get a mortgage. Not even my salary ergo mortgage affordability would be a problem, just the equity.
Is there another possibility in Switzerland?
In Germany, for instance, you can first rent it but you have a savings plan and as soon as you have enough savings, you can buy the house or get at least the mortgage. Any ideas?
Best Lou

There no magic specific solution. You need more money. Ask yourself how you can get more of it. The answer has in a way nothing to do with home-ownership


This. Save. More. Money.


Although I wouldn’t recommend buying a house with less than 20% in equity available, there seem to be possibilities. Check out Cactous.ch

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this is like taking out a personal loan at 5% p.a. to bring in another 15% of equity? I’m honestly suprised they found a bank who is willing to work with these guys, as this is essentally cirumventing the FINMA guidlines. The guidline specifly mentions that (personal) loans do not count towards equity.

If you have enough income and a significant sum in your pension fund, you could pledge your 2nd pillar and increase the mortage to 90%. But given you already spoke to a couple banks, I assume this is not the case.

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I’m surprised too, I think there’s a second player offering the same service as cactous but forgot the name.

I have a consumer credit open at Migros Bank at 4.7%. I was also interested in buying an apartment and the guy explained to me that the credit is considered as equity and the monthly down payment falls under affordability criteria

They solve the wrong problem imho

The real issue is Tragbarkeit, not capital. One can get enough loans and cash for the down payment, especially if you consider borrowing against your assets at IB f. e.

But this stupid general 1/3rd Rule is nonsense… If you have a household income of 200K you can only spend 70K on your house… How does that make any sense? They could live of 50 or 60K… Imho this rule should be replaced by something more sensible…


Which is why banks are usually more flexible with higher income, especially combined with additional assets as a reserve.

You work at a bank iirc…

Could you give me a honest answer of what I could get (max amount after negotiating) with 150K capital and 100K gross salary?

I only need like 40-50K to live lol…

Maybe off topic, but yeah… They should have provided more security in terms of Tragbarkeit not capital

I saw a couple of times when I was looking to buy an apartment that they offer this option, but it is not public.

Rent and then buy with an exit option and agreed final price.

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650k max. if it’s older than 10 years or 700k max. if it’s younger than 10 years.


Thank you all for your anwers, i really appreciate it. :raised_hands:
I did some research with the recommended cactous.ch. I like this idea which is called “Mietkauf” in German. There is one other competitor called propertycaptain.ch. I just called them and they seemed to be interessted to buy the house if it fits their criterias. The plan is that I can rent it with a purchase right to buy it as soon as I have enough savings.
Now, I have to send all the documents required (salary statement, detailed infos about the real estate, etc.) to them, and they will check if we can work something out. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.
Best Lou

Why do you think it’s a smart idea to buy (mortgage) a house if your own financial means are not sufficient?
You are not worried that things could go south for you (in all future scenarios)?
Have you done proper risk assessment?
And also make sure to do your DD on that website you found too.


Because the house I want to buy is not on the market forever. Atm I don’t have enough financial assets for the 20% for a Mortgage, so why shouldn’t I take the chance to purchase it? I do have a good education and know that I will earn even more in the future than now. And as they told me, I even don’t have to buy it and can easily move out if something goes really wrong.
What do you mean with “DD”?

why not do this with the owner instead of a 3rd party?
Less fees more freedom.

You are free to define the rules with the owner of the RE how and when to buy it.
You could agree on a lease model with definite buy after x years instead to pay (even more fees) to a 3rd company.

Due dilligence.

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