Optimizing Mortgage and Investments with 3a Accounts at VIAC and Finpension

Hi dear members

I have opened two 3a accounts with VIAC and Finpension, intending to use them for our mortgage and indirect amortization. However, I’m facing challenges in formulating an effective strategy and seek guidance.

We plan to utilize a mortgage with indirect amortization. Additionally, I aim to benefit from staggered withdrawals by opening five portfolios. However, managing multiple portfolios, particularly across different companies like VIAC and Finpension, seems complicated in the context of a mortgage.

I need advice on devising a strategy that harmonizes the goals of mortgage management, indirect amortization, and staggered withdrawals.

Furthermore, I am inclined to invest almost exclusively in foreign assets. Despite this, I’ve noted that VIAC mandates a 40% investment in Swiss assets. Their support team confirmed this as a rule. However, they suggested the possibility of investing in foreign currencies like EUR and USD as an alternative to Swiss assets.

Could you provide general advice or considerations for my situation?"

Thank you

Not in Swiss assets, but (hedged) in CHF.
You can easily have a World ex-CH or Europe ex-CH but hedged in CHF, for that 40% threshold.


It is unlikely that your bank will accept the indirect amortization with a 3A held with a 3rd provider.

Did you already speak with your bank ? Did they agree with the proposed setup ?

@dbu Thank you. I think the support team suggested something similar. However, I’m still uncertain if it’s truly a viable option.

@Guillaume_GVA thank you also for the reply. I’ve never had a discussion with a bank about this. If indirect amortization isn’t readily accepted, I wonder why it remains such a popular topic that many recommend.

I recently received a response from a senior consultant at HypoPlus, who mentioned that some of his partners (banks) agree to the pledging of 3a assets. Assuming that some institutions might not accept this arrangement, and if I manage to secure a favorable interest rate, I could then withdraw my 3a funds for the mortgage, correct?"

It is. However, the bank offering the mortgage will most likely ask you to open a 3A for indirect amortization with it. It will not accept indirect amortization with a 3A held somewhere else (to be discussed/confirmed with your bank).

Correct. 3A can be withdrawn for a real estate purchase as primary residence in CH


Then, that’s acceptable I guess.

If they don’t agree to my indirect amortization proposal, and I find myself needing to withdraw the funds, I can proceed with that. Meanwhile, I’ll continue investing in my 3a regardless.

This subject is quite challenging for me to navigate. There are numerous aspects I need to learn and take into consideration. Thank you