Opening account with IBKR, do you fund it before their review?(account pending))

Dear Mustachians

I just submitted my request to open account with IBKR and it’s under review.

They have this sentence in my status

“We review funded account applications first. If for any reason your application does not get approved, we will send your money back.”

Would you only fund it once the account is approved? or you would fund it first to accelerate the process? what is the minimum amount we could fund?


Yes, they have this “interesting” policy. I funded my account before it was opened and didn’t feel bad about it. Don’t know if it speeded up processing or not.

I sent 10 CHF.

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I sent 1000 CHF right at the opening process, the account was approved a day later even without employer authorisation. They say that if the account doesn’t get approved they will refund the money, so not a big deal.


Since it’s not uncommon to make a transfer from your own account for verification purposes at financial service providers, I would fund it. Would I transfer dozens thousands of USD? No.

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thanks everyone, I have sent 10 CHF :slight_smile: