Open Interactive Brokerage account as US citizen. What address to use?

Hi all,

I finally decided to open Interactive Brokerage account to invest and to exchange money from CHF to USD. Background, I am a US citizen and current work and live in Switzerland. I still have my parents address in the US that I can use with no problem. Question, should i use my current Switzerland address and open the Interactive Brokerage international account (I believe it’s the UK version for Swiss people) or should i just open the Interactive Brokerage US version using my parents US address? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages for one way versus the other? Thank you so much!

I’d definitely not open a US account because you would be lying about your address when using your parents US address, which I imagine could lead to a lot of problems.

I’m not aware of any advantages of the US version and as far as I know it should be no problem to change it to the US one should you decide to go back at one point in the future.