Open an account with IBKR before my holidays abroad/during abroad?

Hi guys, sorry to disturb anyone if this is already discussed somewhere but I haven’t found it.

I wish to open a trading account with IBKR soon and I will go abroad for holiday from Xmas till Feb.

  1. How long does the processing time take? say if I start to fill the application tomorrow. any chance to get the trading account ready by the 24th(with money transferred from UBS)?

  2. Is that possible to open the account when I am abroad? Do they only need the basic docs like permit, passport etc? if so then I have the electronic version on my laptop. but if they have to send me something by post for me to sign or activate, then I can’t do it when I am abroad I guess.

Thanks a lot

This explains the process: How to open an Interactive Brokers account? - Mustachian Post (aka Marc Pittet) #FIRE #frugalism


1-2 days if there are no tricky questions.

I don’t see why not. Unless you are in a restricted country, whatever they are, I guess.

I don’t remember providing anything unusual.

No they don’t.

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Thanks Dr, Pi and jay
then I may do it during my holiday abroad with less stress. (as there seems no need to rush)Have quite something to do in Switzerland to prepare for my holiday and work now.

They send the security card. Or they used to, at least.

What security card? I’ve opened my account 2019 and only had SMS Security Codes.


They used to send a security card with codes on it, you have to copy the codes according to the values asked.

Until you setup login confirmation via IBKR app, there are SMS codes.

Never received that but I opened it in 2017

Also never received a security card for two different accounts. SMS codes first, until you change to IBKR app confirmation

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I received a security card only after opening a family account, two years after opening my first account.

Opened this October. No security card. Started by using SMS for the double authentication and then switch to the IBKR app.

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When opening an account 1-2 months ago, the requirements for what documents they accept as a proof of address were different than before. An utility bill is no good anymore. A tax invoice from the tax office (with the address on it) was accepted. (I vaguely remember that they would accept a government issued ID with the address on it as well).

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