Only one position in IB - Do I list it in Wertschriftenverzeichnis or DA-1-Wertschriftenverzeichnis (Zürich)

Hey guys, I have a very minimal portfolio with only VT that I had since the beginning of last year (2021).

I’m not quite sure where to add the positions though in the tax declaration for 2021. Did I do this correctly?

In “Wertschriftenverzeichnis” I only added my bank account and the cash I had in my IB account

Then under “Angaben zum DA-1 Formular” under “Fragen an die Besitzer von USA Wertschriften: Sind im Antrag US-Erträge enthalten, die in den USA den Einkommenssteuern unterliegen?” I said “Yes”

And under “DA-1 Wertschriftenverzeichnis” I added all my VT and uploaded the IB-activity statement.

I would say they should both be declared as cash in bank accounts :grinning: Well, your bank account definitely doesn’t belong here.

Then you don’t need “Wertschriftenverzeichnis” that you described above.

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This looks like how I do it.

IB cash + bank accounts in regular declaration, VT in the DA-1.


Where do you put your bank account then?

In the list of bank accounts :rofl:

This is the only place I’m able to put down bank accounts. The field Kontoangaben ist only for the IBAN to get money back from them.

Do you add it to “Übrige Vermögenswerte”?

The ‘Wertschriftenverzeichnis’ is the right place to list your bank accounts. There are WV entry types “Privatkonto (Lohnkonto etc.)” and “Sparkonto (Sparheft)”.


I think this depends on the amount of taxed at source dividends you received. DA-1 is if you are above the threshold for getting US Quellensteuer reimbursed and the wealth declared in DA-1 will be automatically added to the rest of the wealth.

If you are below the threshold, I think they want it in the “normal” Wertschriftenverzeichnis.

You are right.

“Wenn die nicht rückforderbaren ausländischen Steuern (Kol. 8) insgesamt den Betrag von 100 Franken nicht übersteigen, so wird keine Anrechnung gewährt. In diesem Fall sind die Erträge zu dem um die nicht rückforderbare ausländische Steuer gekürzten Betrag im ordentlichen Wertschriftenverzeichnis aufzuführen. Desgleichen sind Dividenden und Zinsen, die überhaupt keiner Steuer im Quellenstaat unterliegen oder für die die vollständige Rückerstattung verlangt werden kann, nicht hier, sondern im ordentlichen Wertschriftenverzeichnis anzugeben.”

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Is this correct? I mean I guess it is if you are a US citizen. From the discussion here and here it seems that “No” should be selected for non-US citizens.

Do I understand it correctly that only when the income tax from dividends is higher than CHF 100 should we fill out the DA-1? I only started investing last year and got dividends from VT only once - the amount of dividends was slightly over CHF 100, but the tax from that was actually less than CHF 20. Should I then declare the positions in IBKR in the " Wertschriftenverzeichnis" rather than in " DA-1 Wertschriftenverzeichnis"?

I don’t understand the text in this way, it is the tax at source that must be higher than CHF 100. If it is 15% then it means at least 667 CHF of dividends taxed at source.

The income tax rate is different from the tax at source and “the income tax from dividends” doesn’t have a real meaning because of the way tax progression works. The tax brackets are not attributed to specific positions in the declaration, they are only used for the end calculation.

Sorry for the misleading terms. But then you anyway confirm my assumption that with the withholding tax of 15% (less than CHF 20 in my case) applied on the received dividends in 2021 (slightly above CHF 100) doesn’t qualify me for claiming this tax back and I should therefore not fill out the DA-1 form, and I should just mention the final position of VT in IBKR as per 31.12.2021 in the “Wertschriftenverzeichnis” section of the tax declaration, right?

I am not a tax advisor, but it’s also my understanding that with 20 CHF of withheld tax, this should then go to the main Wertschriftenverzeichnis.

Not just the final position, also all the dividends. Even if they were taxed at source, they remain taxable as income in Switzerland (even though it could be in some cantons that you are allowed to declare the net dividends as income, after the not reimbursed tax at source has been deducted).

Yeah I didn’t click yes on the second question as I misunderstood the question at first. It’s taxed at source not taxed as income if you’re not american.