Online Resources for Beginner Landlords

Hello Mustachian Community,

can you recommend any online ressources on becoming a landlord/ management of your real estate in Switzerland (Kanton Zurich)?

We have decided not to move into our soon to be finished appartment, but to publish it for renting. Currently, we are not sure if we want to manage everthing ourselves or to partner up with a real estate company.

So far I have discovered following website, which include general tips and checklists for renting out your property:


Can you recommend any additional ressources (free or paid)?



What about a place like Anibis or Tutti ?

I hope you didnt finance the appartment as fot your own use.

First thing should be to read the law. And the I would also check the mieterverband website. There you should finde all the delicate topics.

Sure, form the other piint of view, but still its interesting amd helpful

If you don’t have any experience and don’t want to use a Verwaltung, please consider one of the following courses of SVIT or any other provider:

Being a Landlord in Switzerland is highly regulated, and one mistake in a contract or in a invoice for additional costs (Nebenkosten) could lead to lost revenue up to 10 years later. Especially if your new tenant knows some of its rights or if he at some point wants to visit the Schlichungsbehörde.
This could lead to a bitter and expensive lesson.

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Totally agree with you.
Especially at the handover situations. My tenant leave a bill of 9000 on reparations and I only recover 900 ( the price of the lawyer :frowning: and lost 1 year )

Properti stopped to managing individual apartments. I’ve received the letter last week informing about it.

I assume because those items were beyond their expected lifetime?

In almost all the cases yes. The others were because the invoices were not properly done. i.e. cleaning → it should be split on cleaning what they left dirty and rest, otherwise the bills will be reduced drastically

For people that do not get the expected lifetime
I.e. tenant lost a Key.
New set of keys, cylinder… cost 2500 CHF → as the set of keys are 20 y/o – >the tenant pays 50 CHF, so you have to pay an invoice of 2450 CHF.

He did not leave a bill of 9000 CHF, he could prove that the liabilities you claimed were in fact already covered by the rent. The correct expression would be rather you tried to claim 9000 CHF unlawfully.

Just saying

Bill seems excessive, what kind of keys are we talking about ?

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I once lost my keys and as a tenant I made a claim to my insurance and they paid everything, my landlord didn’t have to pay a penny.

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Patirou, that’s not accurate neither, but you don’t know the case. Managing company totally mess up. Like fixing things and not making clear invoices for damage and reparations. or cleaning and so on. Therefore I could not claim this part of the damage.

The keys are the typical swiss. I don’t remember the exact figure but it was some years ago, during COVID but it was around 2k.

and maybe I claim unlawfully due the (miss-)information that I have form the managing company as for example I had no idea about the expected lifetime of all the items including the keys.

Thanks for all the feedback on this thread.

Yes, I know about the differences for rental appartments vs rented ones in terms of financing, all good on this topic.

I can confirm that Properti only offers marketing, background/ finance checks and creating the rental agreement. All other management services are not offered.

HEV really seems to be a good source for beginners. Their document templates for the rental agreement should be fine. Not sure if other online templates are always up to date and in line with the law. Also the service of free Rechtsberatung for HEV members seems very appealing.