Online library that works?

Hi again :smile:

Another question… Does anyone here have a good online library system? meaning that you find the titles you are looking for and its easy to download online etc.? I have been looking for a library that offers an online catalogue that have a lot of english e-books within personal finance, business, personal development, fitness etc. but I haven’t found one yet. I have also searched in my home country but nothing so far has worked out since it would mean I have to travel to the capital etc. which is not really worth it. My German skills are still not good enough unfortunately… Would be great to eliminate that 30-50 CHF in books in my monthly budget!

Any ideas? thank you!

Library Genesis ( is my go-to source for pirated books


i get all my books from, but i dont know to what extend they do electronic books. it is pretty big, though. It is the catalogue of swiss universities, and others.

Thanks for Library Genesis. I have already found good resources in it, resources I had real difficulties finding otherwise., the only platform which offers unlimited audiobook. It has also standard books.

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