On streaming services

Is there a “minimalistic” streaming service where I go AFTER I have selected a show, search for it, and watch it, without seeing all other million shows available in the process? I can handle the wall of enticing videos on offer, but small children can’t really.

I turned off images on YT and this helped a lot.

You can also just download videos and watch offline.

Sounds like you want something like a DVD collection, but digital?

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How small are they? I’ve been on and off all major services and they all rely on keeping you hooked. Sounds more like a question on media education, not minimalism :wink:

I mostly use BlueRay etc. from the library with the children. We pick together and eventually watch one episode at a time for series.
Alternatively, you could pre-select some acceptable choices in a favorite like “my list” on Netflix.
I guess that’s what @Double_A suggests.

Both those options require parental guidance and won’t work if the kid alone has the hands on the remote (or mouse or tablet).

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