[OBSOLETE] Attention, IBKR social engineering emails

Dear All, please be careful with below messages. You may think it comes from IBKR and click the link, please pay attention.

Hmm, that could be a genuine email, actually.

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To what domain did the link point? All the other information, incl. control number, seems legit if you have the ‘Vanguard Information Technology ETF’.

I did not click the link, since the sender email address has got nothing to do with regular emails I receive from xxx@interactivebrokers.com.



But this one came from:


Emails from prospectusdocs.com are legitimate, they are used by several brokers for these kind of annual / semi-annual corporate reports. You can safely ignore it though.

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Well, apologies for the false alarm in that case. Thanks for the info. I hope someone can delete this thread. Good evening.