Notary fees VD - Who charges only the base emolument (art. 14 TNo)?


I am about to buy my first investment property, in the canton of Vaud, on behalf of my company.

In making various small property purchases, I have been disappointed by the lack of transparency and predictability of notary costs. For this purchase, which has a larger volume, I’m looking for a notary in the canton of Vaud who is fair and will charge only the “base emolument”
meaning the emolument stipulated in art. 114 LNo (178.11) based on the calculation scale stipulated in the “Tarif des honoraires dus aux notaires pour les opérations ministérielles” (TNo - 178.11.2), art. 14.

For example, according to this scale, the sale of a property worth CHF 1.5 million entitles the notary to a fee of CHF 4,175 (excluding fee on borrower’s nots, “cédules hypothécaires”).

Does anyone have a good contact? Anyone happy to share his/her notary’s invoice with me (I can share mine if you want, have 2 in canton de Fribourg)?

I’m confident you know that the “5% notary fee in Vaud” does not end in the pocket of the notary, but is mainly used to pay fees to the canton (registre foncier, …).

In our case, the notary asked a ~5% provision to cover all costs expected for us as the buyer. He paid all the fees to the canton from this provision, and sent a detailed bill a few weeks after the transaction was complete.
This bill included three items that are real notary fees: one for the “vente à terme” (first meeting and contract to promise our purchase at a later date), one for the “transfert immobilier” (meeting and contract for the actual transfer of ownership), and one for “actual work related to the preparation of the transaction”. The total of these 3 was about 0.4% of the selling price.
It seemed OK compared to all other costs related to this purchase, but I’m comforted when seeing your numbers above (about 0.3%, but, to my understanding, for a single contract and meeting, not for separate “vente à terme + transfert immobilier”).

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Purchased in 2021 and I strongly recommend Mrs. Alexandra Tharin in Lausanne (