Not married with kids in Aargau

Hi, I have a question for the tax experts.
We are not married and we have 2 kids. We file a tax declaration separately.
Last year I declared the cost of the Kita and as I had higher salary, I got the Kinderzulage and they taxed me at the Elterntarif B (reduced rate). My partner got no deductions for kids or Kita and got the higher Tarif A. This year we have a small salary difference. This means that if they deduct kids and Kita from me her Taxable net income will be higher than mine.
I am thinking to ask the Kinderzulage for me and the Kita deductions for her.
Then I should get the Elterntarif B as my taxable income will be higher than hers. Is my thinking correct? Or will they see that she spent a lot on the Kita and assign her the B and to me the Tarif A?

According to Aargau’s tax laws, unmarried parents sharing custody of the children are allowed to split the tax deduction for childcare. You have to provide an explanation why you do this (e.g. you keep your financial affairs separate, etc.).