Non-standard etf's

hey all

does anyone hold etf’s that do not have a 25%+ weight on either of:

  • north america / usa
  • europe / ch
  • china
  • japan
  • australia

and is tradable via a standard broker?

You can find many ETFs on stocks of various small geographic segments or single countries. What is your actual question?


If I understand you correctly, you mean an ETF that still covers the whole world.
Quite tricky to find one with less than 25% USA.
I don’t know much about sector ETFs, but maybe it’s easier to find one there.

This one comes closest to your requirements, as far as I can tell.

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If it doesn’t cover the whole world, it’s even more difficult not to exceed the 25% limit. :slight_smile:

So you are talking rather about ETFs with alternative weightings?

I don’t hold it but I might consider to do it in retirement


I owned FEET from Fundsmith which I believe would have satisfied your constraints. I say “owned” because alas it was closed down late 2022, after not finding a way to outperform.

I have been thinking about this one.

BUT I don’t like:
40% Financials
30% Vietnam
0.8% TER

If anyone something same same but better, please share. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I believe in most Frontier Countries the stock market is heavy in Financials.
I’d prefer most weight in commodity producers/materials, RE, consumer staples, stuff like that.

I bought some Unilever from the cashing out of FEET, for EM and Frontier exposure. I believe a Unilever would satisfy your constraints, except that it’s not an ETF :wink:

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This would be a post for another thread, but basically underweighting “growth” (reinvested earnings) and overweighting “value”/“yield”/“quality” (earnings are distributed) to have a significant passive and simple stream of income without even selling anything. Just an idea for now.

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You asked,
And I deliver:

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Thankfully, this 245€ security account is not a substantial position for me.

That said, that fund savings plan has just begun.

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Yes. Most global ETFs have a heavier weighting for US stocks than I am comfortable investing in just one country/region. I also like to have the option of divesting from an individual region if it ever makes sense to do so (e.g. major regional crisis, etc.) without resetting my entire portfolio.