Non-standard etf's

hey all

does anyone hold etf’s that do not have a 25%+ weight on either of:

  • north america / usa
  • europe / ch
  • china
  • japan
  • australia

and is tradable via a standard broker?

You can find many ETFs on stocks of various small geographic segments or single countries. What is your actual question?


If I understand you correctly, you mean an ETF that still covers the whole world.
Quite tricky to find one with less than 25% USA.
I don’t know much about sector ETFs, but maybe it’s easier to find one there.

This one comes closest to your requirements, as far as I can tell.

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yep, that one is close, i know and like it.

btw, it doesn’t have to cover the world.

yep, i’m not looking for someone to screen for me, just curious about other ‘etf pickers’ and their holdings.

If it doesn’t cover the whole world, it’s even more difficult not to exceed the 25% limit. :slight_smile:

hehe, it can still be 25%+ of any emerging/frontier region/country ex china.

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So you are talking rather about ETFs with alternative weightings?

I don’t hold it but I might consider to do it in retirement


it’s basically about clearly alternative regions/countries weightings on portfolio level, in general and particularly re non-developed.

interesting - what’s the thesis behind that choice (taking into account the tax inefficiency in ch)?

I owned FEET from Fundsmith which I believe would have satisfied your constraints. I say “owned” because alas it was closed down late 2022, after not finding a way to outperform.

I have been thinking about this one.

BUT I don’t like:
40% Financials
30% Vietnam
0.8% TER

If anyone something same same but better, please share. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I believe in most Frontier Countries the stock market is heavy in Financials.
I’d prefer most weight in commodity producers/materials, RE, consumer staples, stuff like that.

I bought some Unilever from the cashing out of FEET, for EM and Frontier exposure. I believe a Unilever would satisfy your constraints, except that it’s not an ETF :wink:

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thanks! and i agree, way too much fin. and ter is too high.

This would be a post for another thread, but basically underweighting “growth” (reinvested earnings) and overweighting “value”/“yield”/“quality” (earnings are distributed) to have a significant passive and simple stream of income without even selling anything. Just an idea for now.

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You asked,
And I deliver:

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is it (going to be) a significant position for you? (just in case you’re trolling)

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Thankfully, this 245€ security account is not a substantial position for me.

That said, that fund savings plan has just begun.

alluding to another thread of mine and from what i read of you, you seem to diversify quite heavily among brokers (33% max or so) as well as countries (about the same?). do you also do it for etf issuers?

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very much agree with his reasoning and choice, thus adding emxc etf to the thread as a reference. although my choice would/will probably be the ishares one.