Nice to meet you all!

Dear all,

I follow this website and the forum very passively since a a few months (great job @_MP !).
I am living in Zurich city, renting, I am married and we have a small kid.

I have been very conservative with my money all the time, “investing” them only on bank accounts that could give back some % more than inflation: this is not the case anymore, especially since I am in CH.

So, I am now considering investing for real and to be fair I am very looking forward to your book @_MP (any ETA? :slight_smile: )

Anyhow, very nice to “meeting you” all :slight_smile:


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Hey @DonDraper,

Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:
Thanks for the nice message and hope you like your stay here.

As for the book, it should come in the next 12 months (gut feeling).
I started a kickstarter-style for the project, but only for French speaking people.
But, I may launch it to EN readers too. Would you be interested to know more or prefer to be patient?

Happy Monday!

Hi @_MP

Thanks for the quick reply: is being interested and be patient at the same time a possibility? :sweat_smile:
Seriously, not sure how this work but curious to know more.


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