Newbie Mustachian :)

Hello dear Mustachians, is my first post here. I’m a 32 years Portuguese working currently at half time (50% rate, will increase soon) living here in Switzerland with my girlfriend (29y, working full-time).

We start reading this forum/blog some month’s ago and since then:

-We Opened two VIAC Global 40 and placed the maximum (6826. -) for each;

-Also, we saved 55K cash increasing every month because we plan to make a down payment for one apartment in 1-2 years.

-We have a True Wealth account (8.5k) moderate risk 5/10 with a mix of 40%equity,40%bonds, cash and natural resources.

-At the end of each month after pay all bill’s(rent,food,health security,CFF,food,etc)(taxes included(taxed à la Source); we still have around 4600.-net for save/invest;

Question 1#: I have already one account Degiro-Basic, my plan is to invest monthly, but is better invest in the ETF VWRL SIX in CHF or VWRL EUR(free one time per month)? we plan move to Portugal in 15-20 years.

Question 2#: :Anything else to keep in mind that I missed? You have some other recommendation regarding investments at long term?

Thanks a lot for any feedback and help;)

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US-domiciled VT is better than either of those, though Degiro won’t let you trade it

I’d close truewealth account - crazy expensive for what it is


Welcome @Scorpion,

I’m also Portuguese in my mid thirties and thinking of moving back to Portugal in a few years. Your monthly save/invest is very good, just keep investing it on real estate and ETF’s and you should be able to move back earlier than in 15 years.

Good luck!


Welcome! 4.6K/mth to invest at the end of each month is a great starting place, over 10years in a compound interest calc that looks pretty nice. :+1:


Dear Scorpion,

Welcome! So there is also another portuguese around us :slight_smile: . Im also looking forward to retire in Portugal in the next 10-15 years.
50k a year for investing is indeed very good. Congrats.

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