New (Transfer) Wise card is a Visa Infinite

Does anyone know if there are any benefits to this, or is it just a visa infinite so they can claim the highest interchange fee possible?

What is a VISA infinite?

Is this a US-only thing? I had hear of Visa traditional, signature and infinite but only in the US. I thought in Europe it was more classic, gold, platinum.

Actually I’m eager to see what others have to say. I find this branding very obscure, even more than Mastercard’s.

They mention it here: Produit | Visa

But it looks really exclusive. Do you actually have access to the perks (lounge access and concierge service)? Or it’s actually a different card with confusing branding?

(That page mentions that visa infinite is invite only, probably similar to the mastercard excellence)

I don’t think I have access to any of the perks (at least I don’t think so; not sure how to check). I messaged Transferwise and they said it has the same functionality as the previous mastercard. So really does seem like it’s just to confuse with new branding.

I know this is not the main discussion point here - but I really dislike how the Transferwise/Wise cards look :smiley: Definitely not exclusive looking to me :slight_smile:

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