New Postfinance services/fees

Has anyone analyzed the new fee structure of PF and the offer? As we said somewhere else, they are introducing a fee at least for the custody. What I saw is they start to offer also a managed service as well.

From a quick overview it looks like usual sh…stuff. Managed = they sell you the usual swiss funds of the big N banks with their own 0.75% fee on top.

The second offer is a consultancy. No idea how it works.

The third is the old stuff with new fees.

Did I miss something?

There is still their e-trading with the same old fees. 90.- custody fee which can be used for brokerage fees. Postfinance is ok after you reached FIRE, until then stick with IB.

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They are collaborating with a Fintech company named additiv.

The managed account with 0.75% fee looks like usual roboadvisory, the consultancy with 0.90% is probably the same platform but you buy yourself whatever you like and meet with the postfinance advisors once in a while to discuss.

Here is a list with the products for those two services.

The interesting thing is that they don‘t even use the postfinance funds with the retrocessions, it‘s ETFs and index funds. Which makes the custody fee for the expensive postfinance funds even more of a ripoff. I don‘t see how the new products could be useful for a mustachian.

Sounds like they hired some guys who used to work at Credit Suisse to “optimise” their products for better “fee-optimisation”. Grrr :rage: they better not touch the no-nonsense CHF 90 annual fee (independent of portfolio value) for customers who don’t want any of this nonsense!

My thoughts too. I think I’m going to transfer big chunks from IBKR to PF (200-300k) just to be safe.

let me know how much it will cost

I will, in 5+ years lol.

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