New in the forum and in the investment scene

Hi everyone,

I’m happy I came across the Mustachian Post blog and its forum. There’s so much information out there for US portfolios and so little for CH

This is a little bit my background and my financial movements so far:
I’m an expat in CH since 4+ years and I’m trying to get the most out of it. I’m 32 and work for a mid/large private-only bank.
So far, I have been saving my pillar 3a to the max amount since I came and have set up my pillar 2a for the maximum contribution.
Every year, I buy Staff Participation Plan shares which returns 1 free share per 3 shares bought after a 3 year lock period. I guess that covers for all my CH exposure.

Another super risky investment I did which has turned out extremely well (for the time being) is investing a in Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, most of my assets are still cash sitting in the bank account and that’s the bit I want to change.
Right now, I have a standing order to move 40% of my income to a savings account at the beginning of every month.

On the operational side I have a few pros and cons for working for a bank. I don’t pay for any account, transfer or credit cards. I can do FX at interbank rates and I have a 50% discount on trading fees. On the other hand I cannot hold any portfolios outside my company, so I can’t use cheap online brokers, etc.

I have a few goals for the mid-long term, with early retirement being one of them of course. I will detail them as I advance on my investment plan.
I will now start building an excel depicting my financial status as right now I don’t have a clear picture of my net worth :S

It’s nice to say hi to you!