New forum top layout

Anyone finds the new top bar annoying? I am used to double click on a post title to get back to the main and now I have to be aware of that ad for the blog.

Double click as click wait and click…

Yes I find it mildly disturbing. It’s a relatively tall bar, which occupies around 5% of the screen real estate. I guess @_MP created it to redirect a bit of the forum traffic back to his blog, to which he has the right, of course.

Personally, I would be happy if there was a way to have the “Back” button next to the “Mustachian Post” logo, not as a separate bar.


Hey there,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this experiment.
I may have found a less intrusive theme plugin. Will try it next week and notice you here for feedback!

My goal is to keep this forum as community-friendly as possible vs. making it looking like some ads-run thingy.

Stay tuned :wink:


@ma0 @Bojack what do you guys think about this other top bar style?

Does not look good on my mobile.

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Fixed, thanks.
Will maybe add later again but with a better MP logo for mobile-only.

I notice for some time an insisting push for monetization on this forum.

It already brings the founder - who does not participate in discussions and has outsourced moderation - views, clicks and reputation for his blog and the services he recommends. Sometimes his blog posts seem to be directly inspired from forum threads. Then came the ads.

The founder admittedly already makes thousands per month and appears only after having made the next push for money. And the push seems to go on. Monetizing the forum more and more basically means cashing in on people helping newbies for free.

Hedgehog left and certainly had no patience for being sold or treated as stupid.


hedgehog did not leave for this reason.

I don’t find the ads particularly annoying, I’ve seen much worse Thant this, @_MP is managing the forum, this has some costs and I think he has the right to get these covered.

The information shared on this forum is public knowledge, moreover in the last months the questions start repeating (due to new and unexperienced members) -> not much to be gained from “sucking our brains”, imo… :wink:

I like it, it’s exactly what I was hoping for. At least on desktop it looks unintrusive. On mobile there is probably too little horizontal space for that.

If you check Revolut, they placed all the links in the footer, maybe that’s an idea? I notice that on our forum more old topics are revealed as you scroll, so you can’t really reach the bottom. So maybe it wouldn’t work.

What did you notice apart from the mentioned top bar? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe it’s because I have UBlock active

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Put unobtrusive links here and there. Your goal is SEO, not really sending people from here to your blog, imho.
It does pay, since even right now your site is in the top 10 for many keywords.

Funnily, you are not on the top 10 for “viac review”, which I thought it was better placed. Thepoorswiss is on top.

@_MP a good wiki is needed. It is great to see new people here i glad to help. But basics questions come again and again. I think you have the opportunity to be the bogleheads forum of Switzerland, maybe of some part of europe. One step up is needed.
Edit: i won’t compare the level of knowledge btw and this here…it is 2 worlds. But you have potential.

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Can you tell me more about where this feeling come from?

Interesting. Which ones particularly?

Question: normally the thing is setup so that only non-logged-in readers view it; do you happen to see it yourself?

Sad to hear this point of view that I can definitely understand. I’m gonna evaluate such impact seriously.

Like that, thanks for the idea!

Does the new top bar feels unobtrusive for you?

I wrote already in another post: we do have a wiki, but it’s just of poor quality and nobody contributes (me included). Why would you expect MP to take the responsibility? He gives us a free platform to benefit from, we can as well takes things in our hands. But in reality I don’t think anybody cares enough.

At least we have a superior forum engine to Bogleheads :slight_smile: That’s what brought me here from the English Forum. It’s much more fun to use.

I think what would be golden, would be an equivalent to JLCollins Stock Series. What I mean is, what if @_MP collected all our forum knowledge of investing for Swiss residents and created a step by step blog series. Starting with the basics, some theory (what are shares, index, ETF, market maker), ETF choice, broker choice, tax and legal matter, etc.

I know that some blog posts already exist, but I think we’re missing a series, where the reader would be guided step by step. And often these existing posts may seem too detailed, where I would expect them to be more to the point, with optional links if somebody would like to read on the details.

In any case, I think such a blog series would be more useful than a wiki, and we could send the newbies directly to the blog if they came with repetitive questions.

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On my mind since long ago. I may just start small and iterate it over time. Thank you for moving it up in my to-write list :wink:

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The problem about the Wiki is that we need a separate wiki, like, not a second thought of the guys at discourse. The biggest problem would be to fill it then. :slight_smile:

Also it would need a decent editor, especially for pics. It’s so annyoing to upload first and then connect into a document (see wikimedia)

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I think it’s perfect.

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I know, thats why i wrote “good”. I really appreciate this forum, learn a lot, and happy to help the newest even though i am far to be an expert. I think some could first read the old posts before just asking trivial questions, but on the other hand it can be a pain in the ass to read some long posts where only 1% is relevant. It is sometimes hard to find the correct information, and sometimes information are not accurate .
Am i going to write a wiki? No, bc no time. I named @_MP bc i think his blog benefits from the forum and it would benefit even more if it was linked to quality investment tutorial. And yes of course it could be à la JLC. Win - win.

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