New ETF portfolio : What do you think about it?

Good morning,

I have been thinking for several years about the most optimal way to invest my money. After careful consideration, I believe that an ETF portfolio will be what best meets my investment criteria of : diversification, attractive returns and limited personal involvement.

I’m still young (26 years old) and that’s why I think I can afford a certain risk tolerance. However, I intend to place the majority on a global fund, namely VT, in order to benefit from regular growth (hopefully). This fund would follow me as long as it meets my expectations.
The rest, for now, would be distributed in more risky ETFs. The goal being to obtain higher returns in the medium term. Returns that I would redistribute in the VT or in new investments.
My portfolio would be composed as follows:

  • VT - 60%.
  • ARKK - 20%
  • MSOS - 10%
  • INGR - 10%

This represents 40% more risky investments. Although I necessarily base myself a little on the past returns of these funds (which in practice does not guarantee their future returns), the reason why I chose them is that I believe that their growth period is not over yet. I don’t expect any new astronomical progression, just a more interesting return than that of a VT. Obviously I could be totally wrong, but I think that’s part of the game. :man_shrugging:t3:

My main issue with this repartition is that it only includes American based ETFs. I read that as of 2022 a Swiss national would no longer be able to trade these products. Therefore, would it be more appropriate for me to go directly to European ETFs with the same profile?

I have deliberately not chosen a Swiss ETF for the following reasons: my 2nd pillar is in Switzerland, and my 3a bank is placed on a predominantly Swiss fund.

Thank you for your advice and remarks.


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You base it on the recent past performance. If you used all available past return, you would stay away from funds that primarily invest in growth stocks as they tend to underperform the market over longer periods.

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Well, you better should expect it!

…considering way ARKK has performed lately! Thankfully the fund itself doesn’t to bother to list any fundamental financial ratios or figures whatsoever in their factsheet.

Weed and starch? errmmm… ok.

That’s close to my allocation, looks good to me.

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I agree, that’s why the idea is not to keep them in the long term, but to take advantage of the trend that for the moment is favorable.

Who sais, that this trend will continue in the near future? How would you determine, if the trend is over?

Hope it will go on then !

My bad typing mistake… I was talking about INRG, not quite the same :sweat_smile:

The Best ETF portfolio imo: 80-90% VWRL, 10-20% ABTC

I grant you, nothing at all. These ETFs interest me for their higher returns than VT. If they start to stagnate for a period of time, I’ll go elsewhere.

I didn’t know ABTC, an ETF that tracks Bitcoin is interesting.

I see that VWRL and ABTC are available on the SIX, this is a good point given the uncertainty about 2022. Or it won’t change anything?

Yes and you can buy both in CHF

Is there any way to buy an ARKK ETF not using IB but an European broker?

I’ve always planned using IB so i haven’t done much research about it. But according to what I’ve heard, no you can’t. At least for DeGiro.

You can’t trade US based ETF with any european broker like DEGIRO. But, for now, you can trade US based ETF with IB or with some swiss broker as Swissquote and PF E-Trading. I don’t know if the is other swiss broker, but for example, it seems that you can trade it with UBS (read it in a thread).

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