New banking setup [2022]

sheesh, I should have downloaded that PDF. I wonder if it’s the coffe (i missed that part) or it wasn’t there when i cut the text. I feel like it wasn’t there, though. They check this forum!

Wow, is this without withdrawal limits?

And Yuh is not for free, or is it?

Yeah, I find it kind of intransparent of Neon, this distinction between main account and spaces is clearly not self-explanatory, many might miss it.

No withdrawal limits and the (multi-currency) account is free. Currency exchange costs 0.95% and trading costs 0.5% (and is very limited) but you don’t have to use those parts.


It’s basically the norm though for banks though, that savings accounts and payment accounts are separate products (and/or have very different interest rates).

Ultimately, yes. But I think it’s also got to do with liquidity.

Should any inconsistency or conflict arise between the German and Italian language version of the text, the German version shall prevail. You’re welcome!

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I might need to open yet another account and grab the welcome bonus then :grin:

Agreed, no issues there. Just not used to savings accounts being called “spaces”. It obviously takes some precise reading to figure out what spaces are :smile: