New 3a maximum for 2023

New AHV maximum is 2450. New 3a max. contribution 7056.

Finally a good number again. 7056 / 12 = 588.


Fun fact. Do you know where the max 3a contribution figure comes from?
It all starts with the AHV minimal annuity!

Easy maths:

  • AHV max annuity = 2 x AHV minimal annuity
  • Max 2nd pillar insured salary (this is just the law, plans can insure more of course) = 3 x AHV max annuity
  • Max 3a contribution for people with a 2nd pillar = 8% of max 2nd pillar insured salary

So, for 2023, as @Cortana said, max AHV annuity is 2450/month, or 29400/year
Then max 2nd pillar insured salary is 3 x 29400 = 88200
And finally, the max 3a contribution is 8% of 88200 = 7056

The government adjusts the AHV figures every 2 years, so the 3a contribution will be the same for 2023 and 2024.


Yeah it’s all linked.