Neon invest v. True Wealth

Hi there,

I’m a relatively lazy person, with a strong preference for having my investments with a swiss broker (not necessarily rational approach, but not really the point here).

I’m currently using TrueWealth, which I find convenient since it’s a bit of a “set it and forget it” thing. Since neon recently released their “neon invest” service, I’m wondering if I should switch to it. Considering the yearly fee of TrueWealth, I feel like it could be a good idea. I’d essentially limit my self to a World ETF + a Swiss one for home bias (not sure which). What are your thoughts on it?


If this is the choice, then Neon Invest is of course better.

If you want to start investing by yourself without an automatic reallocation and only with two ETFs. Neon Invest will surely cost you less than TrueWealth, but you will lose the reallocation plan ans maybe the advisor services given by TrueWealth. It will essentially depend on what is your preference set up: automatic investment and reallocation (TrueWealth) or manual investment and reallocation (Neon Invest).

If you‘re just investing into these two equity ETFs, choosing the broker with lower recurring costs (custody fees or Truewealth‘s 0.5% management fee) would be a no-brainer for me.

Even if you‘d like to reallocate on a yearly or quarterly basis, any fourth-grader with a crayon could do it in 5 minutes or less (and the trading fees would probably still be lower than what you‘re paying at Truewealth).

IE00B6R52259 or IE00B3RBWM25 for the World and CH0131872431 for Switzerland and off you go.

Thank you all for your input! Considering that the purchase fee for ETFs amounts to a year’s fee at TrueWealth, the choice seems rather clear.