Neon bank-receiving EUR

I know this is sort of a strange thing, but for legal reasons, I need to have a CH account with a CH iban to receive Euros from abroad…

I have never seen a CH iban that can receive EUR without converting to CHF… Does that even exist?
EDIT: YES, it does, apparently all Swiss banks have CH ibans for EUR accounts.

Did anyone use Neon to receive EUR in their CHF account? What was the exchange rate like?

I have a PF EUR account with CH IBAN. Receives EUR just fine without conversions and deductions (on my end).

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Same with Swissquote, it supports an EUR account (on the same Swiss IBAN as the CHF account but without converting). Some banks also offer EUR accounts with their own Swiss IBANs.

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I (unintentionally) received 67.00 EUR to my Neon CH IBAN.

This happened the 25th May 2023 with an exchange rate stated by the app of 0.9552 which resulted in 64.00 CHF.

The “official” exchange rate according to was 0.9708. So I should have received 65.04 CHF (lost around 1.6%).

Many, probably most. Would be surprised if every did though.

Take 5 minutes of your time and open an account with Yuh. And you get Swiss bank account with CH IBAN in Euro that supports SEPA payments.


I just got an official answer from Neon:

You can still receive transfers in EUR, but these will be converted into CHF at the exchange rate of our partner bank, including a 1.5% exchange rate surcharge.

So your 1.6% estimate was very close.