Negotiate price of car at dealership?

Looking at buying a sloghtly used (demonstration) car from a dealership. Does anyone know how successfull I might be at negotiating the price? Not sure if its a done thing in Switzerland or not

There isn’t muvh of a haggle culture in Switzerland, but if you’re bold enough, you can always try. Not much to loose after all, is there :grin:?

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I bought a used car in 2018. Got a discount of CHF 1500 and a warranty extension for free.
Paid finally CHF 18500.

Sometimes, dealer also agree to add winter tyres for free, for example.

Just try.

Information is key you if want to pay a fair price.
Get a eurotax for CHF 12.50 in order to check the price : Evaluez votre voiture d'occasion avec Eurotax - TCS Suisse


ask if they give you a discount if you pay cash…

So you’re selling the Velar?

Negotiating price works with cars. Car dealers don’t like cash so you won’t get a discount there. If they don’t want to lower the price, try asking e.g. for a new set of winter tires.


Ask your HR if they can write you a paper to get the Flottenrabatt. That works only for New cars, but you might get that cheaper than a 2-3y old one.

I’m not sure he can wait 1-2 years for a new car. You need to be lucky to get a new one immediately that fullfills your requirements.