Negative interest rates on mortgages - how long until it occurs in Switzerland?

For info…
Danish central bank rate = -0.65%
SNB rate = -0.75%

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Hmmm. What could possibly go wrong? :smiley:

Totally logical, right? The system were in is totally f-ed up. Interest rates set by central banks are the plague. I just wonder why the inflation hasn’t exploded yet.

If they pay you for taking money from them, then it would only make sense if they would start to charge people who keep money at the bank.

If this happens, then it could mean a golden age for… gold, and for cryptos.

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They do (given a large enough balance). For small balances, they don’t charge interests but then you probably noticed that many banks increased some of the fees which is similar result just something regular clients understand better than the concept of negative interest rates.

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