Need some pro help for tax declaration in Zürich

Any contacts in Zürich? I kinda slept through March to September and now it’s the last week :crazy_face:

Topics for 2021

  • sold property in CEE
  • several properties in CH, running in 2 different cantons
  • investments in Raiffeisen, IB, PostFinance E-Trading
  • the rest is not complicated (employed, working, kids, etc.)

I did my last 4 years myself, but there’s always (small) corrections from the Steueramt coming back.
I’d like to do this one with a pro to be on the safe side.

You can shift the deadline to November 30th.

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thanks! Nevertheless, I’d still need a contact :slight_smile:

Congrats on the diversified portfolio :smiley:
I’ll PM you with an accounting firm with whom I had good experience.

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