Need advice regarding shared bank account


I am trying to change our banking accounts. Currently we are at postfinance (me) and NAB (husband), NAB is tied to mortgage and cannot be changed at the moment. What I would like to have is an additional account which is shared for our household to pay all the joint bills and buy things like food. This means we would need 2 separate maestro or similar cards and one joint account preferably with e-banking. I can’t find anything like that. I could move my account to ZAK, but that doesn’t solve the problem of a joint account.
I am also open for other suggestions. Maybe someone has a good idea.

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I know nobody here is rally a fan of UBS, but I think their UBS Family bank package is great if you have at least 10k total assets on all your accounts combined (including rental surety savings account). You get sole and joint accounts with debit cards, credit cards, free cash withdraws in CHF in Switzerland, great apps and you just need one E-Banking login to see everything. 15CHF/month for everything.

I have ZAK as well but E-bills aren’t supported and there isn’t really a good way to get a joint account with 2 debit cards.

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Do agree, UBS is in many situations not my first choice anymore. But how they handle joint accounts and their cards is great. And the e-Banking is still since many years top notch in the market. So the costs of CHF 7.50 monthly per person might be fair, if you want to do it that way.

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I’m on the same situation and I’m thinking about either investing 25k at PF to have the account for free or two start using two Zak accounts and have indeed no joint account. :-/

I was waiting for eBills on ZAK to make a switch but now that you are telling me that they dont issue joint accounts I am bit torn. Bank Cler seams to offer Joint accounts according to this blog: does any one know if joint accounts would be possible with ZAK in the future?
Personaly I am using the Privatkonto Plus at ABS as a joint account until last year there where no fees now you pay 12 CHF per year. To sign a Privatkonto Plus you have to buy ten shares of the bank. Dividends made up for the fees sofar.

Instead of a joint account, use a joint budget. You can add who paid what and at the end of the year you split the bills and who paid more will receive something from the other(s)

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