Need 400 dollar loan

What are the basics of short-term loans? And what are the best lenders with the most cost-effective offers?

hm, CHF 400 sounds like a small fraction of what people in this forum save on a monthly basis, so i wonder why somebody in switzerland would need a CHF 400 loan (or not just pick up a random side gig for this much)
unless you find a cheap online credit i would not know why a bank would spend it’s advisors time on earning interest for a chf 400 loan.

maybe friends & family?

anyway i have zero experience with loans

Dollars aren’t popular around here, without a big fat markup no serious swiss business will touch them. And if you’re short this small an amount you have muhc bigger problems than cost effectiveness. Withdraw from a credit card at ATM, not cost effective but you’ll have money in hand

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