N26/DKB/Revolut/CSX/Yuh/Zak/Wise/Nuri - any feedback?

any one having used or used the N26?
how do you find it in comparison with Revolut, Yuh, Zak, CSX, …?

I have used it and find it good for the eurozone. Apart from that it doesn’t do much else.

I find Wise to be the best card out there. Revolut has built in features allowing you to invest, but Wise has a number of currencies that you can use when you are travelling with is great for no fee travel.

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Isn’t it an advantage to offer you a EUR bank account with a real bank (i.e., protected up to 100k€)?

I need a EUR account where I can put 5-10k€ (for some regular payments) and sleep in peace. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that with Revolut or Wise.

What is your opinion on that?

If you want a cheap EUR account, open DKB.


I’ve used it but just for payments in euro and I was funding it from my euro bank account which is now empty. I did open Revolut in the meantime and found it more flexible (portfolios in multiple currencies etc) so I’ve spent all the remaining money on my N26 and now it is sitting empty since a couple of years.
I don’t see advantages over Revolut.

what do you mean by cheap exactly? You can open an account directly on https://www.dkb.de ?

0 fees for normal banking.

Yes, but I don’t know how exactly they do identification now.

I second @Dr.PI , German euro account with debit card, free.
When I opened 10 years ago, i had to identify myself at a German post office, but these days they have Video-Id process.
“Dabei habt ihr mehrere Optionen. Die beiden beliebtesten Legitimations-Methoden sind der Video-Ident sowie der Post-Ident. Beim Video-Ident verabredet ihr euch mit einem Mitarbeiter oder einer Mitarbeiterin der DKB zum Video-Chat. Dort weist ihr euch mit eurem Ausweis oder Reisepass aus. Außerdem wird dabei ein Foto eures Gesichts gemacht. Die zweite Option, der sogenannte Post-Ident…”

Thanks to you and @Dr.PI for your answers! Good to know.

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By the way you can do the same with Yuh. There is also a EUR SEPA-enabled account included. It’s just that banking functions are really basic and there are no standing transfer orders, I think.

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Awesome, even easier in that case! I don’t need to withdraw or whatever; just to have some € and so some permanent orders (without any fees for maintaining the account or the wire itself).

And this is exactly what you can’t do at Yuh.

ok it’s not too bad. I just need to do one wire every 3 months. I’ll give a try for now, thanks!

I used Revolut since September 2017 and since opening the account had total transfers of 218k CHF in and 217k CHF out of the account w/o problems (I’ve just checked the account statement in the app).

By now I prefer the crypto.com creditcard with the 5% cashback but if you dont feel comfortable having 5-10k EUR in an account of an online bank you wouldn’t like it either (Because of the 35k EUR staking requirement).

Not possible to transfer or hold CHF to N26, so it was a no go for me and I closed the account.

thanks for all valuable feed backs. Yuh then seems to be best competitor. correct?

DKB is a good bank? how would the tax declaration tot he Swiss authorities look like?

I depends on what you want. For me personally, CSX is by far the best of all of those you mentioned. It has everything I need and the other apps lack. CSX has a web interface (most others don’t) which is a big plus for me because I prefer to do all the finance stuff in my Mac with a bigger screen, it has e-Bill which again most others don’t have, it has standing orders which Yuh for example doesn’t have, etc. Revolut AFAIK still gives you only a personal GB IBAN and they seem to be understaffed in their compliance departments since many people on the internet are complaining about blocked accounts for months etc. I don’t like Yuh because it’s partially owned by PostFinance.

If I would want a multi-currency account for holidays etc. I would probably use Revolut for it. But I like it simple don’t have tons of finance apps and therefore pay all with my Cashback credit cards even on holidays. I mostly don’t need other currencies I’m anyway pretty much cashless so for me there is no need for something else. I need lots of USD for my investments but that is covered with IBKR.


I also use CSX. I agree with you on all the pro you mentioned. on top, it is also provided from one of the most known (and in my opinion best) banks in Switzerland.

my point here is more to have an account from which I can make euro payments without crazy fees and without having to think about how much the recipient will also need to pay. on this specific point I have not very good experience with credit Suisse personally

lol… Ever seen there share price? They stumble from one scandal into the next one.

agree at high level. they are definitely not engels…
I am speaking more from swiss retail customer service perspective only.

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