My tax returns history?

I’ve been filling in the tax forms every year (with the help of my tax advisor, in ZH), but I don’t really know how much tax the authorities have decided to charge me, and I find it hard to follow whether I’ve received all the tax returns that I should receive (because they are often delayed by a few years).

Is there a way to get from the federal/cantonal authorities the historic information about my taxes, and the tax returns status?

Normally you should see each position with the respective amount of the tax statement on the back of the final tax bill, at least for me that’s the case.

If you’re in Zürich City, «Mein Konto» - Stadt Zürich has the history and status.

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For many other towns in ZH you can find the tax account overview for each tax year at eGov Box. You can also generate payment slips online, if needed.

However, this is only for the state/communal taxes. As far as I know, information about paid/pending federal taxes is not available online. You should normally get the final tax bill for both state/communal taxes and federal taxes at the same time, though.

Thanks! Just requested access.
Do you know whether it has only the cantonal tax data, or also the federal tax?

Thanks! But it seems not to let me register.
Possibly because I am in Zurich city.

Yes, the city of Zurich uses its own system as per @nabalzbhf’s comment. My link is for other towns in the canton of Zurich.

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