My target portfolio

Target allocation range + neutral alloc looks fine, if with a heavy delta to current allocation except for real estate.

What I see with my retired friends is there’s always some project that ends up making cashflow (rare folks also focus on forced appreciation or long shot bets), so once you “settle in” there may be excess liquidity to funnel into equities.

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I don’t completely understand what you mean. I’ve meant withdrawing 3.5% of the initial portfolio size per year like in a usual scenario.

No, it was not meant as a permanent portfolio.

“Tent” is a term used in FIRE world to refer to low volatility assets that you consume at the beginning of the retirement to protect yourself from the sequence of return risk.

Yes, by withdrawing cash first, as dictated by the difference in initial and target allocation, you do this glide path.


I was just curious. What was your asset allocation a year ago?

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if I remember correctly, you didn’t build up your wealth with shares. I think its absolutely valid if you over a few years just build up your stock exposure. So when you started with 33% shares, and have a target to go to 65-75% shares - I would (considering your low withdrawal you don’t need to rush & take a risk here); i would probably increase the equity share over a 5 years period or so…

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